To enable or disable office 365 security defaults (or confirm they’re already enabled)

To enable security defaults (or confirm they’re already enabled)

1.    Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center with security administrator, Conditional Access administrator, or Global admin credentials.

2.    In the left pane, select Show All, and then under Admin centers, select Azure Active Directory.

3.    In the left pane of the Azure Active Directory admin center, select Azure Active Directory.

4.    From the left menu of the Dashboard, in the Manage section, select Properties.

Screenshot of the Azure Active Directory admin center showing the location of the Properties menu item.

5.    At the bottom of the Properties page, select Manage Security defaults.

6.    In the right pane, you’ll see the Enable Security defaults setting. If Yes is selected, then security defaults are already enabled and no further action is required. If security defaults are not currently enabled, then select Yes to enable them, and then select Save.







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