Terminal Server: QuickBooks Wont Show Printers Setup Dialog and wont Print

QuickBooks stores printer-related information in several files. The two that are usually involved with printer problems are the qbprint.qpb and wpr.ini files. If these files become corrupted they can interfere with printing of reports and transactions from QuickBooks, but they won’t interfere with printing from other Windows programs.


If any of these are damaged you may see a message with an error number (less likely), printouts that won’t fit or scale properly for your selected printer, or (the most common occurrence) QuickBooks just won’t print anything, without displaying any error.


The qbprint.qpb file contains information about the printer selections and setup you’ve made for each form that you work with in QuickBooks. Things like invoices, estimates and so forth. Each form has a separate line in this file. Note that this is a binary file, not a text file, so you cannot edit it directly.


Restore from a backup and replace the files.  Fixes the issues.  Keep in mind that each year has its own copy.

The Location of this file  C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks xxxx


May have  to display the hidden folders, you will find both of these files in:


The “xxxx” will be the year of QuickBooks (such as “2017”) if you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier, or it will be “Enterprise Solutions yy.0” with the “yy” being the edition of Enterprise (such as “17”).


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