Migrate from Microsoft direct to Pax8 Billing

Migrate from Microsoft direct to Pax8. Please note: with NCE licenses, Microsoft is not making any exceptions in canceling outside of the commitment. So if you are locked into a commitment, you will have to wait until the commitment ends before you are able to cancel and re-order with Pax8 licenses.

The first step is to give Pax8 Delegated Admin access to the tenant so we can process this order. Please paste the following link into a private/incognito window and sign in with the customer’s global admin credentials to accept this relationship.


Once that is completed, follow these steps:

1. Create the company in the Pax8 Platform. Partner Profile > Companies > Create Companies

2. Head to Catalog and add the desired licenses to the cart

3. Select the Customer

4. In step 4 of the checkout process, it will ask you if this company has an existing Microsoft account. Select “Yes”

5. Enter the Customer’s tenant ID (this can be found in the customer’s Azure Active Directory or by entering the domain into whatismytenantID.com)

6. Submit the order. If there are not any issues, the licenses should arrive within a few minutes at the tenant’s Admin Center

7. Head to the Microsoft Admin Center and under Billing > Licenses, you should see double the number of licenses as it will show both the ones from Pax8 and the Microsoft direct licenses.

8. From there, you can cancel the direct licenses. The new licenses from Pax8 will automatically assign to the users that had those licenses before.


Kon Belieu


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