How to setup outbound email smarthost for Office 365


Microsoft O365 documentation changes frequently. The above steps were accurate as of April 2019. Securence cannot be held liable for any discrepancies in the instructions. If there are still problems setting an outbound connector with Securence please contact Securence support for further assistance.


1. Log in to the Office 365 Admin Center

2. Select and click Exchange with the “Admin centers” menu.

3. Select “mail flow”

4. Select “connectors”

5. Click the plus sign to add a new connector

6. Select mail flow scenario:

                From: Office 365

                To: Partner Organization

                and then click “Next”


7. Provide a descriptiive name. “For example: Outbound Via Securence” and a Description “Outbound Mail Flow via Securence AS/AV”, Check the “Turn It On” checkbox then click “Next”

8. This next page is dependent on if you have specific mail-flow requirements or not. In most cases select “Only when email messages are sent to these domains” and click the plus sign to enter an asterisk (*) this means all domains.

9. On “How do you want to route email messages” screen, Select the “Route Email through these smart hosts” radio button.

10. Click the plus sign to add a new smart host and add smart host dialog appears. Enter “” without the quotes then SAVE then Click “Next”

11.Make sure “Always use TLS to secure the connection” is enabled and “Any digital certificate, including self-signed certificates” radio button is enabled.

12. Click Next. Confirm your settings and Click Next again.

13. In the Validate this connector section, click the Plus sign and Add an email address that is NOT hosted on O365 then click Validate.

14. There are a series of steps that will go through to verify the connector works and then if it turns out to be successful responses are:

TASKS: Check connectivity to ‘  and Send test email both with Status: Succeeded.

15 Click SAVE and Allow at least 20 minutes for changes to take effect.


NOTE: The test email should come from  o365connectorvalidation@yourdomain and read something similar to this:

“This test email message was sent from the Office 365 organization ‘your Securence filtered domain’ to check that email can be delivered from their organization to yours. No need to reply.



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