How To: Run Battery Report On Surface Tablet Or Surface Book

A battery report is very helpful for helping you figure out how your battery(s) is performing by showing you things like…

·         A 72 hour graphic usage history including charges and drains

·         How much power (in mWH) your battery(s) is holding

·         Capacity history (good for seeing if your battery is failing)

·         Estimates on how long the battery should last

·         Short battery life

·         Frequent reboots

·         Overheating issues


Run Battery Report on Surface Tablets:

·         Search for cmd

·         Choose Command Prompt from the search results

·         In the Command prompt window that came up on your desktop, type in powercfg /batteryreport and hit Enter

How To Run Battery Report on Surface Tablets

·         It will generate a report file and tell you where it is located. Usually it will be placed in the c:\users\<username> folder and it will be named battery-report.html

How To Run Battery Report on Surface Tablets

·         Browse to that location and open the report with your favorite browser.



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