How to Remove Active Directory Domain Controller

Remove Active Directory Domain Controller 2008


  1. Open command prompt Type dcpromo and then hit Enter.
  2. Click Next
  3. The Active Directory domain controller has the global catalog service, make sure your primary DC also has the service enabled and click on ok.
  4. Confirmed that the delete this domain, because this server is the last domain controller in the domain, is UNCHECKED and then click next.
  5. Type a password for the new Administrator account on this server and click next.
  6. Review the remove active directory domain services Summary and click Next.
  7. Check the Reboot on completion box to restart the server after the service has been removed
  8. After rebooting server2008 DC. Now log in with the local administrator account and then open Server Manager.
  9. In Server Manager click Roles under Roles Summary and click Remove Roles.
  10. Remove active directory domain controller 2008 Roles wizard, click next.
  11. Uncheck Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server box and click next.
  12. Click Remove.
  13. Now click Close.
  14. Do you want to restart now so click on Yes.
  15. After rebooting server Log back to server2008, active directory domain services removal succeeded and click Close.
  16. Disjoin the machine from the domain


Join to Workgroup


  1. In the Server Manager, under Server Summary and click Change System Properties.
  2. On the System Properties and click the change button.
  3. Select Workgroup type in a workgroup name and then click on ok.
  4. After leaving the domain Warning message so click ok.
  5. Welcome to the workgroup and click on ok.
  6. Click OK to restart the server.
  7. System Properties, click Close.
  8. Click Restart Now or Restart Later and shut down this server.










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