How to Create DKIM record in office 365

Create DKIM Keys for Office 365 Domain

We are first going to create the DKIM keys in the Microsoft 365 security center. Even though they all have the same format, this will make it easier to copy and paste the correct DNS record values

If you don’t see the option Create DKIM Keys, then just go to the next step.

1. Login at
2. Select the domain that you are sending mail from
3. Click Create DKIM Keys


Copy or Write down the keys

All the DKIM Keys have the same format. In the example below you can replace contoso-com with your domain name and with your domain.

Name: selector1._domainkey

Name: selector2._domainkey

Note the – instead of the . in your domain name!


  1. Login at your DNS hosting provider

We can now create the appropriate DNS records.

– Log in at your DNS hosting provider.
– Navigate to your DNS records management

  1. Create the DKIM Records

We will need to create the two CNAME records.

– Add a new DNS Record
– Select type: CNAME
– Enter the name and value of the DKIM key




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