How to clean uninstall Sentinelone using Stateless installer

How to clean uninstall Sentinelone



This process should be used in place of the SentinelOne Cleaner utility. Using the new Stateless installer (SentinelOneInstaller.exe), perform the below steps to “Clean only” on the impacted endpoint. This action will only uninstall the SentinelOne agent and will not reinstall one automatically after reboot. If you wish to reinstall, please navigate down in the instructions to the “Repair/Reinstall” section. After issuing a Confirm Local Upgrade command (see “Procedures” above for steps), run the following command via an administrative command prompt locally on the impacted endpoint:

•              If the passphrase is unavailable, run it in safe mode: SentinelOneInstaller.exe -c

•              If we have a connection to the management console: SentinelOneInstaller.exe -c -t “sitetoken”


SentinelOneInstaller_windows_64bit_v22_1_5_11025.exe -c -t “sitetoken”

•              If we have the passphrase: SentinelOneInstaller.exe -c -k PASSPHRASE -t “sitetoken”


SentinelOneInstaller_windows_64bit_v22_1_5_11025.exe -c -k PASSPHRASE -t “sitetoken”

Review our Return Codes to determine potential next actions after executing the above command(s).

To get the return code please run the following after running the above commands:

1.            From CMD: echo %errorlevel%

2.            From Powershell: $LastExitCode






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