Resetting in phpMyAdmin your Wordpress Website

Resetting in phpMyAdmin

If you have access to your dashboard, you are able to view your phpMyAdmin credentials and log into your database.

Log into your Host panel.

Navigate to the MySQL Databases page. On this page you can find all of your database credentials you’ll need to log in. View the following article for full details on how to find this information and log into phpMyAdmin:

Finding your database login credentials

In the left pane, click your database name.

Click the ‘wp_users’ table.

You’ll see a list of usernames. Click the Edit link to the left of the username you want to reset the password for.

A page opens with your user’s data.

To the right of ‘user_pass’ you’ll see a box with long string of numbers and letters. Delete everything in this box.

Type in your new password.

From the dropdown next to ‘user_pass’, select MD5.

Finally, click the Go button. You should now be able to log in with the new password.



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